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    Golden Globes

    Every year around this time television and movie buffs come together for the second most important awards event of their careers, the Golden Globes. This awards show acknowledges some of the greatest pieces of work created.  The categories include: Best Motion Picture, Drama, Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, Best Director of a motion picture, drama, and best actress in a TV series just to name a few. With extremely worthy nominations viewers were excited to know who won the gold Sunday night.

    Last year Best Drama Motion Picture went to 12 Years a Slave a film that not only enlighten its audience but also provided an incredible production and performance. Alfonso Cuaron won Best Director of a motion picture Drama for Gravity a Sci-Fi thriller staring Saundra Bullock and George Clooney. These two awards set a president for trophy winners this year.

    Best director of a motion picture went to Richard Linklater for Boyhood. Even though many were rooting for Ava DuVernay because Selma was an amazing work of art, it did win best original song written by Common and John Legend.

    There were many exciting moments of the evening some included its hilarious host Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. The most memorable other than the tear jerking acceptance speeches were the glammed up ensembles of the A-listers. Everyone looked fantastic as expected but a few caught our eye.

    Kerry Washington illuminated the room with her new mommy glow in a pink ankle length dress and up-do.


    The top three looks of the evening go to Ava DuVernay, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Lopez all serving sexy in a different way.


    Ava’s form fitting blue gown was the perfect statement for a pivotal moment in her directing career. Her natural up-do created enough drama to get her attention but show off her amazing face. Kate’s dress is THE definition of sexy with the lowest neckline possible and her hair is perfect for her risky dress. Jennifer always gives us ultimate diva with her split and plugging neckline. Tucking her hair behind her ears helps reveal her smokey eye. Lupita Nyong also dazzled the crowd along with many others.

    While the winners celebrated their trophies spectators gathered to party with them. congratulations to all the winners and especially the nominee

      A Week With Gabrielle Union: Top Five


      In the film Gabrielle Union, rocks fabulous blonde locks which were colored and installed by Clariol Professional Ambassador Kiyah Wright, which is the perfect compliment to the funny personality of her character.

      Most people have a “Top Five”  the first five hip hop or rap artist that come to mind. These  people represent who you are what you believe in and what kind of person society expects you to be. In the black community people can tell a lot about you by what artist you listen to and support especially hip hop artist.

      Last week was filled with press for Top Five, and Kiyah Wright spent the week styling Gabrielle Union. This amazingly funny film written and directed by Chris Rock who plays Andre Allen in the film follows the production of his passion project. Rosario Dawson plays a journalist names Chelsea who accompanies Allen on his journey to making his film come to fruition. Gabrielle’s part in the film is something you have to wait to see in theaters but just know she is a reality star inspired by Kim Kardashian and Chris Rocks love interest.


      Wednesday December 3, Top Five premiered in New York and of course Gabrielle Union looked flawless as usual.


      Make sure you go to the movies this weekend to entire amazing cast!

        Last Looks On OK! Magazine’s Red Carpet Hair Before The Holiday

        If you haven’t picked up a copy of OK! Magazine you should do so before the end of the day. This issue features a young talent gearing up for the American Music Awards. Kiyah Wright covers how she achieved the perfect chocolate brown color on this beauty.


        With the flare collection every woman can achieve color as vibrant as this. The holidays are amongst us and the temperatures are dropping. This makes it easier to lean toward darker tones, just in time for all of your parties and even the new year!


          There’s A Line Between The Law And Crime


          Just days after America was surprised,  yet again by the lack of conviction on Eric Garner’s case we cannot help but scale back to all of the deaths of black men, young and old.  Eric Garner may have been arrested previously for selling untaxed cigarettes, the possession of marijuana, and false impersonation but his execution on that Staten Island sidewalk earlier this year was unacceptable. Just a week before the verdict of this case hit the press, we all learned the police officer who gunned down Michael Brown will also walk-free.  Many Americans are confused but even more are enraged by the fact that a black man can be unarmed and killed by law enforcement for any reason and walk away free. Are the police departments really protecting and serving or are they reacting without thinking and leaving black men as the product of their “mistakes”? Many more men and boys have fallen short to these mistakes like Kimani Grey, a sixteen year-old boy leaving his friends’ party or Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams who experienced 137 rounds from the Cleveland police department. The names go on-and-on but justice is not yet served, money does not bring back lives and the black community will not “hush” until the justice system see’s that police officers are not exempt  from punishment. Americans may be able to overlook some things but when things get out of hands, they take to the streets literally. The most recent protest include lays and blocking major bridges highways and streets. Go America!

          Read more!

            Did You Miss Your Ride… Or Did You Catch The SoulTrain?

            The 2014 Soul Train Awards aired for the second time this evening and it was just as exciting as the first. Jammed packed with memorable performances from non other than Jodeci and Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, and Da Brat.

            Jodeci’s performance was named the rebirth of R&B, which became a refreshing blast from the past. The entire building was singing along with the old school baby making music even current R&B greats Trey Songz and Chris Brown.


            Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, and Da Brat wowed the crowd with a reunion performance after sixteen years. Everyone couldn’t wait to experience ” Not Tonight ( Ladies Night remix)” one more time and of course we were left satisfied. The performance ended with most of hip hops female greats.


            If you needed an extra recap Janell Snowden ran through the highlights of the show after the train left the station. She looked stunning as she interviewed some artist for the second time and of course her soft loose curls were styled by Kiyah Wright.

            Centric Presents: The 2014 Soul Train Awards - Post Show

            Her shoulder length bob and side bangs were the perfect compliment to her midi dress.

            Check your local listening for another encore airing of the 2014 Soul Train Awards.

              OK! Magazine… A Blonde Girl Country Dreaming


              While country artist all over the US are hoping their hard work and musical masterpieces have been recognized an up incoming country artist has caught our eye for other reasons, her golden blonde hair! In the first November issue of US Weekly celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright found the perfect shade of blonde to compliment this blue eyed beauty. In this article titled County Dreams Do Come True Blonde Ambition Kiyah provides her expert advice on achieving the best vibrant hair color using the plethora of blondes provided by the FLARE Collection by Clairol. Five new colors have been added to the collection to provide variety. Champagne, Vanilla, Sandy, Honeycomb, and Taupe will allow the every day women to experience the lightest golden blonde or keep it safe and use a medium ash blonde. What ever your preference she will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of US Weekly and tune into the County Music Awards Wednesday Nov.5 at 8pm on ABC.


              Check out these behind the scenes flicks!




                Victoria’s Secrets Crazy for Campus Bash …We’re Just Tickled PINK!

                Victoria Secrets PINK collection is a younger funkier version of the mature line of clothes shoes, active wear, most importantly undies and best pushup bras! Iggy Azalea hit the stage at Victoria’s Secret PINK Nation Crazy For Campus Bash at the University of Nevada Wednesday. She looked flawless as usual and of course her blonde tresses had to be styled by Kiyah Wright. Her soft loose curls were the perfect compliment to her crop top and short set as well as the vintage mini dress she sported.




                Iggy with PINK Models Elsa Hosk and Rachel Hilbert

                  Kiyah Wright Shows You How To “Werk That Braid!” On The Real


                  Now is the time to have fun with your hair and add a little flare. Adding a braid or two to your favorite hairstyle takes your mane from blah to bow! Kiyah Wright appeared on “The Real” to give the everyday woman a few tips on creating the perfect braid for her look.


                  The first braid Kiyah introduced was the Dutch braid.  This braid appears to be three french braids in one but, is simply an intricate “piece of art” as Adrienne Bailon expressed during the show. Created with a simple “under over, over under” weaving technique it is a little surprise in the back of your head.


                  The second braid was a bit more fun. Kiyah created a Waterfall  braid using a ladder technique which allowed the model to leave half of her hair down like a “half up half down” style.  The great thing about this braid is it can be a little messy and still look great.


                  The last braid introduced was the very trendy Crown braid . Kiyah took it up a notch by adding a “S” cornrow in the back and bringing up the hanging braid into a chignon to create a rose bud effect perfect for an evening look.

                  photo (6)




                    Instyle Mag Gives You Pro Tips and Tricks to Keep your Look Fresh!

                    Check out these tips and tricks to change up your look in a matter of minutes. I’m offering different options to switch up your look from easy to advanced in the latest issue of InStyle Magazine.

                    Easy: Weave in some braids

                    Intermediate: Rev up with Red

                    Advanced: Add Extensions

                    2014-Nov-InStyle - Pro Secrets - Get Out of Your Hair Rut


                      Make more money! Perfect Your Weaves, Increase Your Income

                      Kiyah Wright travels the country in hopes of perfecting weaves and increasing incomes. Stylist sign up for an extensive, hands on, intense learning experience. During the class Wright breaks down the perfect weave step by step, but you better get it right the first time because ” Boot Camp Betty”  will have you “take it down”. Many of the students come to the class confident in their braiding patterns and weaving techniques, but once they are introduced to all the secrets of a quality weave they soon find out they have a lot to fix. With the explosion of quick weaves and fast corner cutting, everyone is trying to achieve the best weave in the shortest amount time. What many stylist fail to understand is cutting quality to decrease time cheats your customer and will discourage them from coming back. Your end result will be less money and a bad reputation.

                      Kiyah's banners copy

                      photo (5)

                      Kiyah giving tips on starting the braiding pattern

                      Kiyah giving pointers

                      Kiyah’s biggest points of the class are to:

                      1. Learn how to create a flawless weave using her three proven techniques
                      2. Crack the hair code – how to determine if the hair you are using is quality
                      3. Discover how to become a celebrity stylist and how to bring the Hollywood look home to your client

                      Each class learns two to three ways to instal a weave. Last Sundays participants learned how to do a side part and a middle part. She also gave them tips on how to determine which part is appropriate for their client. Once they geared up they were warned about rushing and messy work. This day was not the day to be in a race because everyone was expected to reach perfection if not close to it. Many students became frustrated and some even wanted to give up but at end of the 12 hour day the weaves were complete. All of the stylist walked away with valuable knowledge and a new willingness to recreate a perfect weave for all of their clients.



                      They made it through the class!

                      NEXT STOP>>>>>
                      WASHINGTON, D.C. – PART DEAUX
                      MORE INFO HERE

                        The Wright Mommy Make Over On The Meredith Vieira Show


                        Today on The Meredith Vieira Show three desperate daughters asked Meredith to make over their mothers. She couldn’t do anything but call celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright. For years these three mothers have been walking around with dated hairstyles and fashion. All three ladies desperately needed new hair to change their lives.

                        The first mother Lisa, needed some vibrancy to her color as well as straightening her Dolly Parton roller set. Bringing down her side bang and added some autumn red was all she needed to change her life.


                        Mommy number 2 Coraline, needed some extensions for fullness and length. Lighter chocolate brown highlights were the perfect touch to step up her sassy new haircut.


                        The  3rd mother Donna, knew enough about pop culture but some how still got caught in a “hair don’t”. Kiyah applied great manageable color and layers with a few soft curls to bring back the youth to her neglected look. They were easy fixes to change her life!





                          Beautiful Autumn: Fall Trends

                          Mane Stream Expo is a five year old hair show in Tampa, Florida that allows stylist the opportunity to show case their talents in competition and through classes.  It also affords brands the chance to push new products. Kiyah Wright traveled to Tampa to speak on the main stage about her journey from “From The Hood To Hollywood” and held her The Look Behind The Lace class, which provided tips for flawless lace front application. Kiyah mixed up the lesson by doing an editorial photo shoot on stage. Beautiful Autumn: Fall Trends showcased fall hair color trends and styles with a garden encompassed variation of leaves branches and other greenery found in a pre- autumn garden. The students were filled with useful information and even given the chance to come on stage and help with the styling.

                            J Hud Rocks Fashion Rocks


                            Jennifer Hudson wowed all week but last night at Fashion Rocks she really impressed the crowd. She performed her new single ” It’s your world” featuring R Kelly and “Dangerous” both songs on her new album releasing Sept. 23. Her young edgy hair, styled by Muze’s own Kiyah Wright,  was the perfect compliment to her sparkled high waist shorts, thigh high boots and vest  styled by Eric Archibald her flawless face was done by Yolanda Fredrick.


                              Perfect Your Weaves Increase Your Income- Houston Edition!!!


                              Houston, TX – October 12th, 2014

                              Perfect Your Weaves – Houston Edition

                              When: Sunday, October 12, 2014
                              Where: TBA – Surprise Location (Southwest Houston)
                              Investment: $850 (Buy Now)
                              Pay Deposit of $425 here

                              Hotels close to Class Venue:

                              Hilton (Houston SW)
                              6780 Southwest Fwy
                              Houston, TX, 77074 

                              Comfort Inn Suites
                              6687 Southwest Fwy
                              Houston, TX, 77074

                              LaQuinta Inn
                              10850 Harwin Dr
                              Houston, TX, 77072

                                Gabrielle Union And Dwayne Wade Tie The Knot


                                While the newly weds are busy enjoying each other  I reminisce on the grand union I witness. Saturday August 30, Gabrielle and Dwayne Wade vowed to commit the rest of their lives to each other. It was a pleasure to be apart of such a special day.  She’s not only one of my celebrity clients but one of my “favs”. I must have hugged and told her how happy I am for her a million times. On her big day she was calm and cool while  I was doing her hair and Fiona was doing her makeup. Like Gabrielle, Dwayne was “chillin” the entire day it was funny to see him take all of the jokes about being a bridezilla. Non the less I am honored to have been apart of such a special day. Congrats to these two!


                                The Wade Family

                                  Red Carpet Ready with Clairol Professional & Kiyah Wright

                                  With award season coming into full circle, here are amazing tips for the perfect Red Carpet looks! Clairol Professional and Kiyah Wright have partnered to create flash worthy looks for the red carpet with fabulous hair color and hair styles to match!

                                  Red Carpet Diaries - Week 2 (1) Red Carpet Diaries - Week 2 (2)-2

                                    VMA’s or BeyMA’s…Are you ready for Bey?

                                    VMA Update The Wright Way

                                    Every year MTV works diligently to make the previous year’s shocking moment more ground breaking than the last, this year viewers are anticipating that moment and hoping it will be the performance of Queen Bey.

                                    Yes, it is true Beyoncé will be performing at this years VMA’s not through live broadcast but right here in LA at The Forum (hopefully). She will not only be gracing the stage but Mrs. Carter will be receiving the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. This is considered the VMA’s highest honor only awarded to artist like Brittany Spears, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and the King of Pop himself.

                                    Iggy and Sam

                                    Iggy Azalea and Sam Smith

                                    Celebrities have been preparing for months for the main event. The performance line up this year also includes Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, and Rita Ora. Video of the year nominations for moon men include “Drunk in Love”, “Fancy”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Happy”, and “ Chandelier”.


                                    Like the great music and kickass performances, VMA hair is just as anticipated. Award season means celebs have to select their favorite ensembles matched with the perfect hairstyle. This year we can’t wait to see what trends make it to the red carpet.

                                    The 2014 VMA’s airs this Sunday, August 24, on MTV

                                      Award Winning Celebrity Hair Stylist Kiyah Wright “What She Learned from Diddy”


                                      Kiyah Wright is a TWO-Time, Emmy Award-winning, celebrity hairstylist whose genius has not only set the precedent for image making, but has redefined the appearance of sexy, successful and confident women. Possessing a strong interest and passion for the fashion industry, Kiyah draws much of her inspiration from  this interest when creating her signature hair designs and transforming the image of her clients. As a charismatic visionary, this creative trendsetter has established her mark in the industry and continues to inspire with cutting edge developments and groundbreaking achievements.

                                      Kiyah believes, “behind every gorgeous celebrity is a fabulous hairstylist.”

                                        Clairol Professional Launches The Flare Collection with Kiyah Wright

                                        Clairol Professional teamed up with Kiyah Wright to launch their new collection of rich vibrant hair color – The FLARE Collection. Featuring a Hollywood approved brunette bombshell – Kiyah shares how to shine in the spotlight with amazingly flawless hair and beauty.

                                        2014 -Sept - OK! Magazine- Clairol Professional - Red Carpet Diaries (1) 2014 -Sept - OK! Magazine- Clairol Professional - Red Carpet Diaries (2) 2014 -Sept - OK! Magazine- Clairol Professional - Red Carpet Diaries (3)

                                        Behind The Scenes!

                                        photo 1 image-1


                                        photo 5

                                          Muze|Makeovers: Kiyah Wright Gives Courtney of Makeover


                                          One of my favorite things about Love In The City was watching Kiyah Wright work her hair magic on  stars like Gabrielle Union and Jennifer Hudson.

                                          When my favorite celebrity stylist offered me the chance to get a complete hair transformation at her Muze Suites salon in Los Angeles, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

                                          Between years of chemical relaxers, blow-drying and flat-ironing and a cut I didn’t love, I was in need of some serious hair help.

                                          Luckily, Kiyah came to the rescue just in time with a total transformation and tons of tips and tricks for keeping my hair healthy and happy.

                                          Watch me change my hair and change my life with Kiyah Wright.

                                          Host: Cortney M. Wills @CocoaCortney

                                          Executive Producers: Angela Burt-Murray @AngelaCocoaFab; Shelly Jones Jennings @SJonesJ

                                          - See more at:

                                            Muze|Makeovers: Kiyah Wright Gives Jasmine of Makeover

                                            Jasmine Brand was ready to get muzed! Celebrity blogger Jasmine Brand has a hair make-over by Emmy Award Winning celebrity hairstylist, Kiyah Wright. After Jasmine shares her personal hair struggles, Kiyah (who also stars on OWN’s docu-series, ‘Love In The City’) takes over, executing a unique style! For more!


                                              Kiyah Wright Joins Essence Festival 20th Anniversary – NOLA 2014

                                              Clairol Professional & Essence Festival welcomed Kiyah Wright in to share her expert advice on Hair Trends!

                                              IMG_5101 IMG_5100

                                              Work hard. Play hard.


                                              Kiyah Wright and SWV


                                              Prince. Need we say more?


                                              Kiyah, Tyler Leplay of “The Have and Have Nots” & Chenoa Maxwell


                                              Kiyah, Regina Hall, & Chenoa Maxwell


                                              Chenoa Maxwell, Questlove of “The Roots”, & Kiyah

                                              IMG_5105 IMG_5104 IMG_5103

                                                2014 BET Awards: “Beats, Brands & Beauty” Beauty Suite

                                                The BET Awards Weekend was awesome!

                                                June 28th, 2014 – “Beats, Brands & Beauty” hosted by Atlantic Records with AJ Crimson, Kiyah Wright, Kim Kimble,  Jamaal Buster, Shawn “Shizz” Porter & Felicia Underwood was a star studded beauty event for the BET Experience Weekend in Los Angeles, CA.

                                                Miss Mykie, Maad Moiselle

                                                Miss Mykie, Maad Moiselle

                                                Micah Jesse

                                                Micah Jesse

                                                Brandi Maxiell

                                                Brandi Maxiell of BBW LA

                                                PG1_0942 PG1_0932

                                                AJ and Kiyah BET 2014 BET 2014 Artists_KiyahWright Kiyah_MissLawrence_AJ

                                                Nadia, Felicia, Celia, Daria

                                                The Jazmin Sisters

                                                Torrei Hart

                                                Torrei Hart

                                                AJ Crimson, Kim Kimble, Felecia Leatherwood

                                                AJ Crimson, Kim Kimble, Felecia Leatherwood

                                                Chelsea Bastien, Charlene Dance, Faith Diggins, Felicia Leatherwood, Dana Lane

                                                Chelsea Bastien, Charlene Dance, Faith Diggins, Felicia Leatherwood, Dana Lane

                                                Malaysia Pargo

                                                Malaysia Pargo of BBWLA

                                                Brandi Maxiell, Malaysia Pargo

                                                Brandi Maxiell & Malaysia Pargo of BBWLA

                                                Catherine Brewton, Miss Lawrence

                                                Catherine Brewton, Miss Lawrence

                                                Sheree Fletcher, Shamicka Lawrence, Diann Valentine

                                                Sheree Fletcher, Shamicka Lawrence, Diann Valentine

                                                AJ Crimson

                                                AJ Crimson

                                                  Lucky Magazine Online: Behind-The-Seams with Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright



                                                  OWN has introduced us to four girlfriends in New York City. As we meet them, the girls are a midst major career, relationship, and health transitions. With energetic poise these girls graciously reel us in, which isn’t hard to do. Their genuine friendship and lifestyles, which were established long before the cameras started rolling, is relate able and charming.


                                                  (cast l-r) Bershan Shaw, Chenoa Maxwell, Kiyah Wright, Tiffany Jones

                                                  Although I caught up with the show toward the end of the season, I ca honestly say by the end of the first episode I felt as if these could be any of my girlfriends. I felt like their personal and professional situations weren’t being exaggerated. I loved it, bravo!!!

                                                  I’m looking forward to season 2.


                                                  I attended the LA Press Screening, and after had the opportunity to chat with celebrity hairstylist du jour Kiyah Wright and the groups main girlfriend! Our hour long conversation was fun. We dished of course about the show, life’s journey, career, and a lil Jesus. Join me as I go behind-the-seams with the raspy voiced ingenue.

                                                  Totally Obsessed xoxo Love


                                                  LC: Now that the first season has wrapped how would you describe the overall experience? KW: It was truly a great experience. Just being with my girls knowing they are all out for your best interest. It was honest TV. It felt too easy.


                                                  LC: Do you feel the show’s original goal or intent was achieved successfully?

                                                  KW: I do, but I also felt like it became a bit heavy too. This is that era where a lot of women are getting cancer, although it was good to see Bershan and Tiffany make it through. Then Chenoa, not being able to have children and her and husband separating. My story! I’m dating a 27 year old… is this realistic?! Our stories developed naturally. And viewers got a chance to see that and how we support each other through the process.


                                                  LC: Did you ever feel like you had to hold back, either for anonymity sake or as a filter? KW: I really didn’t hold back at all. But I’m glad they didn’t highlight me being bossy. It’s not coming from a place where I’m trying to hurt or harm anyone.


                                                  LC: Were you ever worried something would be misinterpreted or edited to come off different than your intention?

                                                  KW: No, I never gave them anything to be misinterpreted.


                                                  LC: As a hairstylist what’s your ultimate goal?

                                                  KW: To create hair solutions for women, catering to the needs for textured hair. My first goal for the Muze product line was hair style maintenance. So women can learn how to maintain their hair style in between appointments. Next is hair care. Ultimately, a Muze Agency, where I can represent other talent like myself.


                                                  LC: What is your perspective on success? Do you feel you are already successful?

                                                  KW: Yes I am. It would really be ungrateful to God to say I’m not successful.


                                                  LC: What’s the best professional advice you’ve received (hair related or not)?

                                                  KW:It was from Puffy on working with celebs. “Stay focused, mind your business, and be the best that you can be.”


                                                  LC: Are you as attentive to your hair as you are towards your clients?

                                                  KW: No, it’s terrible, not at all!! I’ll tell myself, “Tend to your own hair child.”


                                                  What are the top trends right now?

                                                  KW: Natural hair and extensions. I want to make sure I’m catering to those needs.


                                                  What are your top hair do’s and don’ts for texturally based hair.

                                                  Do: A good stylist specializing in color.

                                                  Don’t: Go to a colorist who’s not experienced. You don’t want your hair to come out orange when you want blond.

                                                  Do: Treat your hair by conditioning and using hair masks such as olive oil over night.

                                                  Do: Take your weave out for at least one month in between new styles to allow the scalp to be stimulated.

                                                    Love In the City Premiere Reception – Fashionista Dinner NYC


                                                    NEW YORK) April 9, 2014 – Last night, some of New York’s fashion elite gathered to celebrate OWN’s new reality series “Love in the City,” which stars real life friends Kiyah WrightBershan ShawChenoa Maxwell and Tiffany Jones. Sponsored by Clairol, the event was held at the chic Mondrian Soho Penthouse and welcomed an esteemed collection of VIPs and tastemakers who enjoyed a fabulous dining experience and cosmopolitan-inspired martinis. Attending the elegant evening was an assembly of who’s who in entertainment, media, beauty and fashion including legendary model and fashion activist Bethann HardisonChef Roble, model Sessilee LopezElle Varner (recording artist), Mona Scott-Young (Monami Entertainment), Angela Yee (Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club”), fashion designer Samantha BlackMarvet BrittoUrsula Stephen (Celebrity Hairstylist), Felicia Walker Benson (Bergdorf Goodman), Arianna Davis (O, the Oprah Magazine), Channing Hargrove (Glam Media), Nicole Chapoteau (Allure), Rajni Jacques (Glamour), Nikki Ogunnaike (,  Kahlana Barfield (In Style), Yolanda Sangweni (, Marielle Bobo and Ericka Goodman(Ebony), Monique Taylor (The Wendy Show), Demetria Lucas and Geneva Thomas (“Blood, Sweat & Heels”), Charreah Jackson (Essence), Charlene Dance (Global Marketing Director, Strength of Nature) Rae Holliday (Stuff Fly People Like) and Tai Beauchamp. Also in attendance were “Love in the City” producers Rob Lee and D’Angela Proctor from Core Media as well as OWN reps Jessica Boyer and Terry Danuser.

                                                    Following dinner and networking, guests previewed the premiere episode of “Love in the City,” followed by an insightful Q&A hosted by Claire Sulmers, founder and editor ofThe Fashion Bomb Daily.

                                                    DSC_0068 DSC_0112 DSC_0215 DSC_0500 DSC_0529 DSC_0572 DSC_0698 DSC_0732 DSC_0739 DSC_0747 DSC_0849 DSC_0858 DSC_0871 DSC_0889

                                                      What the Hair Pros Really Use on Their Hair – More Magazine

                                                      “I cannot live without my Last Look Hairspray” – Kiyah Wright

                                                      Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 5.00.52 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.59.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.59.39 PM

                                                      Read full story here:
                                                      2014-More Magazine-What hair Pros Really use on their hair.

                                                        Grammy’s 2014: Hot OR Bothered?

                                                        The 56th Annual Grammy’s Awards Red Carpet was packed with your favorite celebrities rocking the hottest designs by upcoming and renown fashion designers. HipHollywood’s Jasmine Simpkins sat down with Celebrity Stylist Kiyah Wright and Beauty Expert AJ Crimson to discuss some of the best and worst dressed from the 2014 Grammy Awards.

                                                        HOT or BOTHERED?

                                                          56th Grammy’s “Beauty is Love” Lounge

                                                          Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.02.14 PM


                                                          IMG_3710 step and repeat IMG_3685 photo 1IMG_3661 IMG_3664 IMG_3666 IMG_3672 IMG_3674  IMG_3694 IMG_3695 IMG_3699 IMG_3702 IMG_3704 IMG_3706  IMG_3712   Table pic Table pic2 Yummy ExtnIMG_3639 IMG_3644 IMG_3660 IMG_3664 IMG_3667  IMG_3681 IMG_3713 IMG_3814 IMG_3762 IMG_3771 IMG_3778 IMG_3794 IMG_3796 IMG_3800 IMG_3803  IMG_3841 IMG_3856 IMG_3858 IMG_3861

                                                            Modern Salon: Classic Comeback! with Kiyah Wright

                                                            Modern Salon Group Pic The Wright Way Story


                                                            BEHIND THE SCENES

                                                            IMG_1525 IMG_1536 IMG_1540 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1553 IMG_1557 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1562 IMG_1570 IMG_1574 IMG_1576 IMG_1582 IMG_1584 IMG_1588 IMG_1590 IMG_1593 IMG_1595 IMG_1606

                                                              Celebrating the 2013 Muze|Team!

                                                              k 017


                                                              2013 has been an awesome year and I have had the pleasure to work with very creative, motivated, and inspiring stylists! I want to take this time to celebrate you all for your hard work, effort and patience while working with me. You all survived “Bootcamp Betty”, my attention to detail, and long hours – THANK YOU! Thank you for paying it forward! You all have been my MUZE! You inspire me to educate, motivate and inspire more! I truly appreciate your work ethic and dedication! I wish you all the best in 2014 and I look forward to working with you again!




                                                                Muze|Hair Charity: URAWarrior Launch

                                                                They honored six women at the event, these are women who have survived enormous adversities in their lives, sharing their story and providing a voice for all who are suffering in silence.

                                                                I am a warrior, through it all I persevered and went on to complete my graduate school education. I survived an unsuccessful breast surgery that has left my body scared. I currently deal with a medical diagnoses that have baffled doctors as I am not dead but alive and healed through God’s daily plan for me.


                                                                Rikilyn Werner
                                                                I never looked at myself as being a warrior. Everyone always seemed to be fighting their own battles. I thought I was just another average girl who coped with the hand life dealt to me. It wasn’t until I met Jessica Grant, the founder of The Grant School, that I knew that I was wrong. I was, in fact, a strong young lady, who fought hard in life to get to where I am at, and who had a story to tell. I met Jess at work where she informed me about The Grant School, and I thought it was a beautiful thing that she was doing for today’s young ladies. I wanted to be a part of it. Jess was not hesitant at all, and let me help her whenever she needed it. Little does she know, she helped me too. I was a very negative person until she came into my life.


                                                                Debra Royal Flynn
                                                                I am a warrior I survived all the above and the pain of losing 2 siblings a brother and a sister. Debra Royal-Flynn, mother of 5 handsome boys did graduate from business school, successfully completed The Domestic Violence Response Team Training and other drug courses. Does Chaplain Work , completed Visualized Bible Study Series was Awarded Certifications in GBI-Bible Synthesis in 2009. A Praise & Worship Leader, Director of the Women’s Ministry at Central Assembly of God in Newark, NJ: Debra Royal-Flynn is the President and Founder of the “Let Go and Let God International Outreach Ministries” in Newark, NJ. She also appears as a guest speaker at multiple churches, often called to sing at funerals. She has done background vocals for various groups, and now has her very own Gospel CD entitle “I am Blessed” she writes and sings her own lead & background vocals. In 2009 she hosted the Successful Women’s Prayer she is married to a wonderful man she does I can be found in the women prisons, hospitals nursing homes ministering to those who have an ear let him hear.

                                                                My greatness is measured by my gifts, not by my possessions.  I have collaborated with Jessica Grant and the Grant School of Etiquette. I empower other women by sharing my story of abuse and my journey of healing.  I mentor young ladies in learning to embrace the power of forgiveness in a failed relationship for themselves the sake of the children.  It’s about finding the resolve and pressing forward.


                                                                Susan Carol

                                                                Early 1950’s bar there is music playing, smoke filled bar, before the night of fun and laughter ends Charles asked his date Ann, “What’s your name?” Ann cheekily replied “Susan Carol”.   That is the way my story begins. Charles and Ann married and had three children and I was their youngest, who they named Susan Carol.  I was born with a skin disease called eczema, a bald head and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I became ashamed of my appearance, which developed into a life of covering up my skin and my true self.  Most of my younger years was focused on my outward appearance trying to get healing from eczema, but much of the attention needed to be on my inward person and most importantly my heart.


                                                                IMG_3473 IMG_3464 IMG_3373 IMG_3442 IMG_3441 IMG_3436 IMG_3453 IMG_3459 IMG_3403 IMG_3379 IMG_2891 IMG_3422r retouch URWARRIOR MODEL RET.URWARRIOR









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                                                                    Class & Cocktails: The Color Edition NYC

                                                                      Styling w/Kiyah Wright: Class & Cocktails

                                                                      You asked for it, and I’m giving it to you! Style Class in now in session! Join me in September for side-by-side style lessons! Learn some of my classic techniques that keep me at the forefront of the beauty industry! Then enjoy cocktails afterwards!

                                                                      Click here to sign up!

                                                                        “Beauty is Love” BET Awards 2013 Beauty Suite

                                                                        On Saturday June 29th, celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimsoncelebrity gossip blogger Necole Bitchie and hairstylist to the stars Kiyah Wright, presented the “Beauty Is Love” lounge at Andaz Hotel during BET Awards weekend. Presented by Clairol Professional and hosted by actress Lauren London, guests were treated to blowouts provided by Clairol Professional beauty teams and celebrity hair stylist Larry Sims, makeup applications with AJ Crimson Beauty products, lashes by celebrity lash guru Ja’Maal Buster, and manicures by Superstar Nail Lacquer, in addition to product demonstrations from Angela Christine for Indique Hair and Muze Hair.
                                                                        Attendees also enjoyed speciality-themed cocktails provided by SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape such as “xoNecole”“Crimson Cooler” and “Beauty Is Love.”
                                                                        A host of talent and influencers came came out to the lounge such as Lauren London, Maia Wright Campbell, Toya Wright, Monyetta Shaw, Lil Mama, Alesha Renee and more.
                                                                        Catch more photos here!



                                                                          Muze|Inspired w/Kiyah Wright – My Passion Project

                                                                          When I think about my career as a stylist, I look back and assess what would I have been if I wasn’t doing this? Often that answer still includes a creative lifestyle. I believe I would be in artist management and development… helping people take their dreams to next level and beyond.  From image making to business ideas! My recent passion project allowed me to operate in this capacity.. I’m an artist…

                                                                            Kiyah Wright: New Creative Journey – on the road

                                                                            Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.06.27 PM

                                                                            I have begun a new creative journey, none like I’ve ever done before. I am excited, blessed and ready for the world. Will you come along with me on this journey? I’m allowing life’s natural beauties inspire me day by day, I hope that you allow inspiration in your life too. This is just the beginning…

                                                                            Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.07.05 PM

                                                                            My Muze – Nikki Williams (Road Tour)

                                                                            Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.06.13 PM

                                                                            Kiyah Wright Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist

                                                                            Clairol Professional

                                                                            Kiyah is a fashion powerhouse with expertise ranging from signature hair designs to overall beauty transformations. Having developed her natural talent at the early age of 14, Kiyah quickly mastered the arts of style, color, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging and has since gone on to work with top A-list artists in the film, TV and music industry. When not on-set, Kiyah works with a loyal client base at the Warren-Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles.

                                                                            More Clairol Videos…

                                                                            Jennifer Hudson Performs in the Bahamas

                                                                            Jennifer Hudson sitting down with Oprah

                                                                            Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson opens up to Oprah about the importance of image in Hollywood. How did she respond to being called a “big girl” on the red carpet? Plus, Jennifer shares how being a size 16 is different than being a size 6.

                                                                            For more on Oprah’s Next Chapter visit

                                                                              Goody Blog Post

                                                                              Pink Ombre!

                                                                              Pink Ombre!  Hair Chalking 101 with Kiyah Wright

                                                                              Kiyah shows you step by step how to use simple sidewalk chalk to give your hair an edgy new color…


                                                                                Ombre has far surpassed as merely a ‘trend.’ This trans-seasonal look is one of my absolute favorites. Whether you opt for extreme or subtle, the look is without a doubt, a statement with pizzaz! For those with little time on their hands, vying for a quick hair color change, rapid ombre is the technique to try. Beauty Bender gets the low down on this fast, yet effective method. TRY this at home folks! #muzetutorials #gotmuzed

                                                                                  Perfect Your Weaves CHICAGO

                                                                                  Perfect Your Weaves CHICAGO! June 10th, 2012. Sign Up Now Folks!

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                                                                                    Check out my Ralph Lauren editorial story in Blank Magazine….

                                                                                    Check out my Ralph Lauren editorial story in Blank Magazine….

                                                                                      voted the #1 hair trend

                                                                                      Woohoo! Guess what got voted the #1 hair trend of @2011 on @missjillscott !!
                                                                                      So ecstatic right now!

                                                                                        R.I.P Vidal Sassoon

                                                                                        R.I.P Vidal Sassoon – One of the world’s most influential hairstyling pioneers.

                                                                                        “To sculpt a head of hair with scissors is an art form. It’s in pursuit of art.”

                                                                                        You changed the way women looked and felt about themselves. A true image-maker and visionary, you will be forever missed…

                                                                                          Behind the scenes

                                                                                          Behind the scenes on my LAST LOOK hairspray commercial! So much fun!
                                                                                          Get your own LAST LOOK here:

                                                                                            J Hud @ American Idol

                                                                                            BOSS Lady runs the show in her killer peformance with Ne-Yo on American Idol last week!
                                                                                            Mohawk – tick, sexy LBD – tick, fly man on her arm – tick!
                                                                                            My girl can do no wrong! ;)

                                                                                              Looking at my assistant Shawn on set at The Last Look commercial shoot. Soooo Proud of him!!

                                                                                                Meet: Clairol Professional’s “Reveal the Fabulous In You” 1st Contest Winner Ms. Fannie Draughon. GET IT GIRL!




                                                                                                  Perfect Your Weaves and Increase Your Income CHICAGO!
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                                                                                                    JHUD Performs at the Vancouver Opera Benefit Looking and Sounding AMAZING, As Always…

                                                                                                    The gorgeous Ms Jennifer Hudson blew the audience away last Friday at the Vancouver Opera Benefit – A fundraiser, which took place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

                                                                                                    Killer voice, killer dress, killer hair.

                                                                                                    This is true beauty at it’s very best ;)

                                                                                                       Jill Scott Nails It At The 2011 Soul Train Awards

                                                                                                      My girl, Jill Scott nails it at the 2011 Soul Train Awards, taking home with her the “Best Female R&B and Soul Artist” title.

                                                                                                      “GET IT GIRL!”

                                                                                                        Gabrielle Gets Fierce For Ocean Drive Magazine’s February 2012 Issue!

                                                                                                        Gabrielle has the WRIGHT look for the cover shoot of Ocean Magazine’s February issue.

                                                                                                        A tease behind-the-scenes shot of what to expect when the issue hits stands next year.

                                                                                                        GETTIN’ MUZED!

                                                                                                          Press Release: Emmy Award Winning Hair Stylist Kiyah Wright Announces New Hair Care Product Line

                                                                                                          Los Angles, CA (March 2012) – Two-time Emmy Award winning celebrity hair stylist, Kiyah Wright, prided for her unique ability to reinvent and transform the looks of her A-list clients who include Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Brandy, Ciara, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, and countless others has gone beyond styling to develop her first hair care line, muze|hair.

                                                                                                          Having been a prominent figure in the beauty industry for 18 years, Wright has developed muze|hair out of the need for innovative “blended” and “textured” hair-specific products. muze|hair, labeled a cosmetic hair care line by Wright, addresses the unique needs of the ethnic and textured hair markets. Kiyah’s hands on experience as well as her extensive global travels inspired each product in the line. Wright rigorously tested every product in the line, partnering with formulators to ensure the highest standards and results.

                                                                                                          “I want to become the first African American woman to change the image of how the textured hair care market is represented. These women want solutions for how to maintain and protect their hair and I wanted to bring a premium hair care line and solutions to women of varying ethnicities and hair textures, globally.”

                                                                                                          LAST LOOK Hairspray, the first product from the muze|hair collection is about empowering a woman to look and feel good with soft, moveable hair that maintains its style throughout a rigorous day. Exclusively available online, LAST LOOK is an affirmation to beauty and power celebrating every woman’s LAST LOOK before she steps out to meet the world.

                                                                                                          The complete muze|hair line will include hair treatments that nourish, style and help protect for all-day, healthy-looking hair of varying textures.

                                                                                                          For more information on muze|hair and to purchase products, please visit

                                                                                                          To hear more about the inspiration behind the line and additional information directly from Kiyah, please visit

                                                                                                          About Kiyah Wright:

                                                                                                          Kiyah Wright is a two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist and current spokesperson for Clairol Professional. Wright has long since earned her reputation as an image-making powerhouse, redefining the appearance of many sexy, successful and confident women.

                                                                                                          Having developed her natural talent at the early age of 14, Wright mastered the arts of style, color, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging. Since her initial discovery by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs Kiyah’s list of celebrity clients continues to grow and expand. Kiyah’s expertise has allowed her the opportunity to design, style and transform clients who include Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Brandy, Ciara, Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige and many more.

                                                                                                          Wright an extremely hands-on stylist still operates in a salon environment at Warren Tricomi in Los Angeles bringing premium salon experiences to the everyday women. Wright’s mission is not only to address the textured hair care market’s specific needs, but to also educate the salon professional.

                                                                                                          This mission has motivated her to create and teach “Perfect Your Weaves and Increase Your Income” – a hands-on seminar which aims to further enhance professional stylists’ skill set and supply them with the necessary knowledge and skills required to increase their clientele and in effect their income.

                                                                                                          “Though the years I’ve developed a FAIL-PROOF SYSTEM that keeps my celebrity clients coming back time after time. I want to show my fellow stylists what keeps me at the top of my game and how they can get there too.”

                                                                                                          For more information on the “Perfect Your Weaves and Increase Your Income” seminars visit

                                                                                                            Behind The Scenes – Jennifer Hudson & Neyo Music Video, “Think Like A Man”

                                                                                                              Check out my girl, Nia Long on the cover of this month’s EBONY Magazine. Pregnant and Radiant!

                                                                                                              “Get it Girl!”

                                                                                                                Bangs Get Bold! Check out the October issue of PEOPLE Extra for my tips on how to achieve Ciara’s rockin’ bangs!

                                                                                                                  6am in the morning off to a shoot with The Crew #teaminspired.. 2 hour road trip to Big Bear!!! @GnL

                                                                                                                  6am in the morning off to a shoot with The Crew #teaminspired.. 2 hour road trip to Big Bear!!! @GnL

                                                                                                                    Raymond Barbosa’s first day in the Warren Tricomi Salon!

                                                                                                                    Be sure to check out Raymond Barbosa’s first day in the salon with me! Learning and observing the mayhem and constantly on-the-go work environment of hair styling!

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