Kiyah Wright – Voluminous Curls

    Voluminous curls can be achieved with rollers, hairspray and a little teasing!! This sizzle is just the ending of a timeless and classic style!

      Muze|Inspired w/Kiyah Wright – My Passion Project

      When I think about my career as a stylist, I look back and assess what would I have been if I wasn’t doing this? Often that answer still includes a creative lifestyle. I believe I would be in artist management and development… helping people take their dreams to next level and beyond.  From image making to business ideas! My recent passion project allowed me to operate in this capacity.. I’m an artist…

        THE WRIGHT TIPS: 5 Products The Everyday Woman Can’t Live Without

        Celebrity Makeup Artist Melanesia Hunter shares five products that every woman should not leave home without. Carry these items in your makeup bag to pull together flawless beauty effortlessly.

        1. Foundation – powder is the easiest to carry with you at all times. It will give you a nice finish and complete look as well as a great starting point, hence foundation.

        2. Eyebrow pencil – your eyebrows frame your face. If you leave home without them, people may wonder what’s different about you. However, if you only fill your brows in, it makes the world of difference.

        3. Bronzer – gives you a nice glow and can be used in place of blush.

        4. Mascara – enhance your natural eye shape and color with a little mascara.

        5. Lipstick – a great lipstick will make you appear full-faced. Great color can create the perfect look for you.

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          THE WRIGHT TIPS: Peek-a-boo Highlights

          Yoying is student from Arcadia, CA, as the school year comes to a close, Yoying is wanting a new look!

          She is open to a young, fun, bold and hip look. A look that will give her that extra pow for the weekend parties!

          Achieve this look by using Clairol Professional’s Soy 4Plex liquicolor. Use the darker color on the top half of your hair. Then use a 30 volume with a more intense color on the bottom, creating a peek-a-boo of highlights.

          yoyoing after
          IMG_0542 IMG_0538

            Muze | Makeover: Kiyah Wright’s 7 min. Makeover from Resistant Gray Hair


            Clairol Professional SOY4PLEX Liquicolor Permanente in 8NN:
            Clairol Professional liquicolor permanente offers 6 Gray Busters NN shades. This intense formula provides excellent gray coverage on resistant gray hair and features SOY4PLEX.

            2o Volume Developer

            Clairol Soy4plex

              My Mantra…

              My Mantra…

                Mini Makeover with Tawana

                Mini Makeover with Tawana from the House of Chic Blog!

                  One of my all-time favorite products

                  One of my all-time favorite products – the Tancho Tique Stick is great for fly-aways, blending your hair with extensions or weaves and that slick ponytail look. Number one tip: only use a small amount and on dry hair!

                    Wright-ism #10

                    Every stylist should have hairpins in their styling kit. Its great for those quick last minute updos!

                      Wrightism# A SLOW DAY AT SALON Hey Folks! If you happen to find you’re having a slow day in the salon, don’t just sit there and twiddle your thumbs or head out for some afternoon shopping! Update Your Databank! Send out some Tweets/Facebook Posts/Youtube Videos! Just because you aren’t busy with clients, doesn’t mean you can’t create more, by further enhancing your presence in the hair world!

                        Get the Look – Ombre Makeover, Part One! 

                        Get the Look – Ombre Makeover, Part One! (by MuzeAgency)

                          Ladies! Lookin for some oomph in your life? Redken’s ‘Root Lift’ is sure to give your hair the long-lasting touchable fullness it deserves and is one of my all-time favorite products.


                          My tip: Section off half-inch pieces of hair, to the roots and use the product all through your hair, just before blow drying.


                          Try it ladies and stylists!


                            Q & A With Kiyah!

                            Hi Kiyah! I’m one of your YouTube subscribers!
                            I was wondering which shampoo and conditioner would be best to use because for severely damaged hair… Now that i have been using a regular "fox hills mall" flatiron at home for about a year, my hair has been breaking like crazy! I wear the clip-in hair extensions as well but i would like to get back to wearing my natural hair but its so badly damaged that i depend on the slip ins, i just wanted to know what are some products or deep conditioning treatments that can help me get back to healthy hair! Thanks! -Brittany

                            A. Hey Brittany! It depends on what your maintenance and style is. I can give you general advice though. For moisturizing store brands I like Mizani, Keracare, Motions. The conditioners I love are Motions and L’OREAL – which has a deep conditioner in a jar they sell at Sally’s beauty supply store that is targeted at colored-treated, damaged hair

                              Summer Highlights – break up your hair color with an array of honey-colored tips. Fresh, fun, flirty and summer-friendly! Get it girls!

                                One of my all-time favorite products – the Tancho Tique Stick is great for fly-aways, and keeps the hair looking shiny and perfectly styled!

                                  WRIGHT-ISM #8 – NATURAL HAIR MAINTENANCE

                                  “Natural hair is my absolute favorite! It’s thicker and holds a lot more body. Be sure to use products with plenty of hydration and moisture. These types of shampoos and conditioners keep the hair feeling lustrous and shiny. My number one maintenance tip is to sleep on a satin pillow case at night. Also, to enhance that shine use a silicone based shine serum like “Simply Styling ” in the squeeze bottle. Get it girl!”

                                    Wright-ism #7

                                    “Use olive oil or palm olive dish washing liquid to remove bonding glue (in the area where you have had extentions glued in.)”

                                      Wright-ism #6

                                      “Ladies and Gents! The new highlight technique is called BALAYAGE! No more foils…Gives you a more natural and longer-lasting look!”

                                        Wright-ism #5

                                        “When you shampoo your weaves, be sure to not use shampoos with too much moisture/hydration, as that will leave the weave too greasy!”

                                          Wright-ism #4

                                          “Use cigarette ashes to remove excess color along the edges of the hairline.”

                                            Wright-ism #3

                                            “Don’t say, ‘I want my own salon so that I won’t have to deal with other stylists’…How ya gonna learn and grow?? EVERYTHING NEXT LEVEL!! Challenge yourself and get inspired from other stylists as well!”

                                              Wright-ism #2

                                              “Study all areas in your craft, don’t just put in a good weave and not know how to style it!”

                                                Wright-ism #1

                                                “When buying hair accessories, remember to consider texture, price point, and a good razor cut….”

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