Hair Shazam: Getting Ready for Bed!

    Creating a new look at home can be stressful in itself and then add bedtime maintenance and you’re overwhelmed. For all the ladies out there who love their fresh curls or waves, we have the perfect bedtime style that will take you from night to day.

    All you’ll need for this easy DIY is

    1. silk scarf

    2. Bobby Pins (4-5)

    3.  paddle brush

    Check out the step-by- step below!

      Hair Shazam! Tri-Way Ombre


      This easy DIY is a video you want to see.
      Before you start you will need

      4 rubber bands
      Aluminum foil
      A color brush and mixing bowl
      9aa Soy 4Plex liquid color
      30 volume developer
      BW2 powder
      Rubber gloves

      Now you’re ready for your new look!
      Step 1. mix equal parts of the 9aa soy 4plex liquidcolor and 30 volume developer into your color bowl. (If you’re coloring your natural hair you can use 20 volume)

      Step 2. divide your hair into 4 sections and put the sections into 4 ponytails at the base of each section.

      step 3. Evenly apply the color/developer mixture to the upper section of your pony tails (3 inches in the video) then wrap the sections in foil.

      Step 4. Evenly apply the BW2 bleach to the ends of your hair making sure to overlap the color/developer mixture and wrap with aluminum foil.

      *** Now wait 30 minutes for it to process***

      Rinse, style, and you’re cute!

        Essence Magazine Celebrates Your Texture

        In the September issue of Essence Magazine Kiyah Wright, Clairol Professional  Ambassador, gives readers 3 easy steps to amazing color at home using Clairol Textures and Tones. The color was formulated specifically for textured hair and also leaves out ammonia so it’s extra gentle on those curls and coils. Get ready to do it yourself ladies!

        2015-Sept-Essence- Shades that Celebrate Your Texture


          Pushing Through Your Problems to Ignite Your Purpose and Passion in Life

          kiyah wright, hair artist academy, celebrity hair stylist

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          The season finale of the Hair Artist Academy Podcast is here! Kiyah Wright ends this three show finale with such valuable information on the making of a celebrity stylist.

          Kiyah is an entrepreneur and two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist.

          She is the owner of Muze Agency and is a fashion powerhouse who’s work has been seen on The Tyra Show, America’s Next Top Model, The View and America’s Got Talent

          She’s also been seen on Oprah, The Today Show, Shear Genius, and her own reality show with her four friends “Love in the City”

          Her list of distinguished clients include stars such as Tyra Banks, Ciarra, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Hudson, Scandal’s Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson of Fox hit series Empire.

          In today’s show she  give a very candid view of her life as a celebrity stylist. She talks about what it’s like on the road and what it takes to stay in the game.

          She tells about the loss of her mom at an early age and her internal determination and drive to succeed.

          In the inspiring finale Kiyah tells exactly what is required to push past your problems and find your purpose and passion in life and  how you can make your mark in the beauty industry.

          In this Episode we discuss:

          – Dealing with slow times in your business
          – A day in the life of celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright
          – What it’s like to go on tour with your clients
          – What is a brand ambassador
          – Teaching classes
          – Weave and hair extensions classes
          – Charging what you’re worth
          – Having an assistant
          – Paying your team
          – How much to charge your clients
          – The best time to raise your prices
          – How often you should raise your prices
          – Why you may be underpricing yourself
          – How to increase your prices when you live in a small town
          – Compromises that come along with building your business
          – Building wealth
          – How much an editorial campaign really pays

            I Am A Warrior!


            This past weekend was filled with empowerment, inspiration and turning your life around 180 degrees.  I Am A Warrior Tour was founded by Bershawn Shawn “Author, Warrior Life coach, Motivational Speaker, Multifaceted entrepreneur and two time Breast Cancer Survivor, Bershan has dedicated her life to helping others embrace their inner warrior during life’s most difficult journeys. Bershan’s warrior odyssey began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.”

            Her many triumphs forced her to spread her story and the stories of many warriors in different fields. Her line up included celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright, Christine Chen, Daisy Lewellyn style expert,  Michel Wright host on Magic 102.3, Jan Fox 4- time Emmy winner and president of FOX, Chenoa Maxwell acclaimed actress, photographer, and producer. As well as Courtney Hicks radio and TV personality, and many others. All of these women have a useful story to share and they did so on Saturday.

            Check out some pictures below!!





              Kiyah Wright Takes the Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

              Yesterday was the BillBoard Music Awards and Kiyah Wright killed the Samsung Galaxy Red Carpet LIVE with Jeannie Mai! This sizzling hot special Red Carpet moment included a presentation of iThrive products by Clairol Professional hosted by Wright herself. She explains why it’s important to not only have healthy but happy hair and with Clairol Professional’s iThrive products you can definitely achieve it.

              Watch what she had to say below!

              These two lovely Trophy Presenters, Ferly Prado and Rachael Markarian, received a new look using iThrive products.


              Kiyah and her good friend Jasmine Simpkins


              Kiyah getting ready to hit the red carpet supported by her older sister Jalannia Sutton.


              Check out these behind the scenes shots!




                Clairol Professional Makeover Magic with Kiyah Wright – Going Red

                On the second segment of the makeover magic series Daisy Gonzalez receives a makeover of a lifetime for her peddling contest. Kiyah takes her from an ombre to a fiery red using 6RR which is the reddest red. Since she had two different hair colors Wright uses 20 volume for her roots and 10 volume for her ends. The result is magnificent color! To maintain red color always wash with cold water and add some red Jazzin to your shampoo to keep your color fresh.

                Check out the video below!


                  Now to WOW! with Clairol Professional iThrive

                  Celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright teamed up with Clairol Professional to give three OK Magazine staff members a makeover using the iThrive products catering to their hair needs. Here are the fabulous looks!

                  US Weekly_Jori_4.6.2015

                  Kiyah used the iThrive Keratin Treatment System for Jori’s beachy waves.

                  US Weekly_Laney_4.6.2015

                  For Laney’s textured blonde bob Kiyah used iThrive Color Vibrance collection to protect Laney’s hair from color damage.

                  US Weekly_Shaina_4.6.2015

                  Shania’s look is smooth and sexy so Kiyah used iThrives Sleek and Smooth products do give her dark tresses some shine and sass!

                  US Weekly_4.6.2015

                  Here is the US Weekly issue you can find all these great looks in!

                    Clairol Professional: Makeover Magic w/Kiyah Wright!!!

                    Today was the kick off of the Makeover Magic with Kiyah Wright and Clairol Professional makeover series featuring wonderful ladies ready to get a new look!

                                                                 Akua is tired of her blonde and her gray roots. Watch how Kiyah  givers her a completely refreshed and younger look by taking her color down to a level 6, or golden brown.

                      Tameka Raymond Style Theory Tour

                      Saturday was the Los Angeles stop for Tameka Raymonds Style Theory Tour. Kiyah Wright was one of the guest speakers along with AJ Crimson, Jamal Buster,  and of course Tameka Raymond to provide advice and tips on their area’s of expertise.

                      Wright provided a little more insight on her journey to success answered a few burning questions, and provided a quick editorial and everyday looks.

                      The looks were fun, sexy, and most importantly something you can do at home.


                      Kiyah a few easy clip-ins to add color and fullness in her bang. She also used a little temporary color hair spray to the clip-ins at the base of the clip to blend with her darker roots.


                      The second volunteer got a full head of clip-ins and Kiyah’s signature curl. This look definitely knocked 10 years off of her!



                        Wait… On The Second Thought


                        Have you ever sent a message that you wish you could take back? We have, and we are so grateful for this new innovation by 28 year old Maci Peterson. She created an app that not only keeps you from sending texts messages to the wrong person but also from drunk texting. The app is only available in the google play store for now but look out Apple users this life saving innovation will be at your finger tips in late spring! We are truly impressed with this former Spelman College and Champan University student. Peterson is an experienced brand management professional and entrepreneur we had to shed light on for splendid contribution and fantastic innovation.

                        You can learn more and download the app at the link below.


                          A Valentine’s Day Doo You’re Sure To Love!

                          A twist out is a fun sexy way to maintain the integrity of your hair while keeping it touchable soft.

                          These easy steps will have you ready for your date and leave him drooling at the mouth.

                          Step 1. Start with clean fresh damp hair, section your hair into 1 inch sections and using your favorite products to add moisture and shine.

                          Step 2. Twist each section to the end around your fingers in a curl pattern.

                          Step 3. Sit under the dryer for at least 30 minutes or until your hair is completely dry. This is important for appropriate curl pattern.

                          Step 4. Unravel twist gently to avoid frizz or busting a wave.

                          Step 5. Separate twist a second time, this will add volume and fullness.

                          Step 6. Add your favorite oil for a beautiful sheen… and your done!

                          Bonus Tip! If your hair is a little dull apply a semi-permenant rise to add a healthy shine.

                          faith retouched 2

                            Natural Hair: Holiday Up-Do’s

                            The Holiday season means trendy fun hairstyles. It also means evening up-do’s! If you’re natural we have the perfect funky style to pump up your natural look. Give your bantu knots and twist outs a break and try this mohawk, no heat bride 11

                            Simply put your hair into three small buns (if your hair is shoulder length or shorter). Place them at the top of your head, at the crown of your head, and close to the nape of your neck. Make sure your sides and edges are smooth, you can use gel and/or edge control. We recommend Ecostyler gel and ORS Olive Oil Edge Control. Once your hair is in place, you can add some natural hair extensions and pin them in place. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your shapes. To save some money you can add kanekalon or Marley hair like Nicole Ari Parker.


                            If you have mega growth and your natural hair is longer than shoulder length, you can separate your hair into three pony tails and twist and pin your hair into place.

                              Celebrity Hair Trends

                              Every women wants to achieve their favorite celebrities hair style especially those who are trendy.  Wether you’re natural wearing extensions or interested in trying something new we have the update on the most sought out styles.

                              We can always count on Kim Kardashian to have the perfect middle part loose curl styles. Even when her hair is light the style isn’t far from perfection. To achieve Kim K’s signature look use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron wrapping medium size sections around the barrel away from your face.  If you you’re wearing a weave make sure you have the perfect installation so your hair falls properly on your face.


                              For all you girls wearing your natural or rocking a medium length weave Taraji P. Henson’s version of a loose curl is perfect. This style can be achieved with the similar technique but using a 1 inch iron will help in making this curl for medium length hair. Your hair has to be at least four inches in the front to achieve this style with a side bank but shorter bangs will also be super cute.


                              Short is is so in! No one rocks a short do better than rock star Rihanna! Her classic pixie is easy to manage and perfect for framing your face. To achieve this look (after your cut of course) use a 1/2 inch curling run your fingers through it and add a little hairspray or styling wax so it stays in place.


                                Hat Hair: The Fashionable Way

                                The lower the temperatures get the more likely fashionesta are to add additional accessories, hats honey! We also know that adding a hat to your ensemble isn’t always about being stylish, sometimes you just can’t get your hair right and a hat is the perfect way to top it off. Another reason would be a hat is every women’s all time favorite  remedy for a bad hair day.



                                Our favorite hat and most versitile for long locks is the floppy hat. This piece can be added to loose waves or the perfect touch to a side braid.


                                For shorter hair caps and hats that have height are perfect to balance out cropped cuts. The baseball cap Lauryn Hill is wearing is the perfect accent to her vintage look.


                                Bobs require more structured hats like the Tyrolean, Porkpie, Fedora, and this hip version of the Bowler. Asymmetrical bobs pair well with hats that leave your face less open. If you’re rocking a bang stick to a hat that sits on the crown of your head.


                                Kiyah rocking a more relaxed version of a Panama on top of her blonde bob.


                                  Last Minute Halloween Hair

                                  Halloween is tomorrow and some of us are still running around trying to figure out what creature, object, or person we are going to be. When all else fails stick to the basics! Cartoon or children’s movie characters are very popular. Who says there should be an age limitation on any costume?


                                  Recreating the main character of The Brave, Merida is easy and a style you might want to keep after the Halloween celebration. This look can be achieved with a wand curling iron and a good amount of hair spray, like Last Look Hairspray.


                                  If only our hair could be as beautiful as this braid is drawn, but it would be a great Halloween attempt! Braids are in, why not run with the trend. If you don’t already have blonde hair grab a wig and recreate The Ice Queens fairytale hair. For more braid ideas, click here.


                                  If you’re feeling a little feisty why not be a felon! These kitty ears are super easy to recreate and they can be used for different animals. All you need is

                                  1. Bobby Pins

                                  2. Pipe Cleaners (use colors close to your hair color for a natural look)

                                  3. Rubber Bands

                                  Once you have all your supplies you can begin

                                  1. Section the front half of your hair down the middle into two parts with rubber bands.

                                  2. Twist two pipe cleaners together and wrap the top end around the base of your section.

                                  3. Braid your hair using the pip cleaner as your third piece and bend into a ear shape. You can secure your hair into place with a bobby pin.

                                  *Repeat on other side*

                                  voila Kitty Ears!


                                  Vamp Life!

                                  The simplest yet most sexy Halloween hair. If you don’t want to cut your natural hair, grab a wig and jump into your alter ego for the evening. All black and a red lip makes the most cost-effective fashion forward costume.

                                    Instyle Mag Gives You Pro Tips and Tricks to Keep your Look Fresh!

                                    Check out these tips and tricks to change up your look in a matter of minutes. I’m offering different options to switch up your look from easy to advanced in the latest issue of InStyle Magazine.

                                    Easy: Weave in some braids

                                    Intermediate: Rev up with Red

                                    Advanced: Add Extensions

                                    2014-Nov-InStyle - Pro Secrets - Get Out of Your Hair Rut


                                      Fall Chops and Crops

                                      This fall is all about shorter hair. Long dramatic locks are slowly fading leaving room for fun funky trends. This season is the time to play with layers and length. Lose the floor length extensions and get into these popular looks!

                                      56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

                                      Queen Latifah’s asymmetrical bob is a great style to frame your face and give a classic bob some sass.

                                      jenna elfman short hair back view

                                      For women who are feeling a little more daring a side swept fringed pixie is a big step in the right direction. Ethnic hair will require a relaxer to maintain this look but it is well worth the rocker style that’s achieved.


                                      Remember J Huds super cute pixie at Fashion Rocks? This is a great alternative if you desire a shorter bang. This edgy crop was styled by Kiyah Wright of course!

                                      Last but certainly not least you can add some demision to your current length by adding  deep layers. Layers are a hip way to change your style without taking off too much length and you can keep your ponytails and buns.


                                      Kim Kardashians loose waves on her long layers is an exceptional combination for fall.

                                        Make more money! Perfect Your Weaves, Increase Your Income

                                        Kiyah Wright travels the country in hopes of perfecting weaves and increasing incomes. Stylist sign up for an extensive, hands on, intense learning experience. During the class Wright breaks down the perfect weave step by step, but you better get it right the first time because ” Boot Camp Betty”  will have you “take it down”. Many of the students come to the class confident in their braiding patterns and weaving techniques, but once they are introduced to all the secrets of a quality weave they soon find out they have a lot to fix. With the explosion of quick weaves and fast corner cutting, everyone is trying to achieve the best weave in the shortest amount time. What many stylist fail to understand is cutting quality to decrease time cheats your customer and will discourage them from coming back. Your end result will be less money and a bad reputation.

                                        Kiyah's banners copy

                                        photo (5)

                                        Kiyah giving tips on starting the braiding pattern

                                        Kiyah giving pointers

                                        Kiyah’s biggest points of the class are to:

                                        1. Learn how to create a flawless weave using her three proven techniques
                                        2. Crack the hair code – how to determine if the hair you are using is quality
                                        3. Discover how to become a celebrity stylist and how to bring the Hollywood look home to your client

                                        Each class learns two to three ways to instal a weave. Last Sundays participants learned how to do a side part and a middle part. She also gave them tips on how to determine which part is appropriate for their client. Once they geared up they were warned about rushing and messy work. This day was not the day to be in a race because everyone was expected to reach perfection if not close to it. Many students became frustrated and some even wanted to give up but at end of the 12 hour day the weaves were complete. All of the stylist walked away with valuable knowledge and a new willingness to recreate a perfect weave for all of their clients.



                                        They made it through the class!

                                        NEXT STOP>>>>>
                                        WASHINGTON, D.C. – PART DEAUX
                                        MORE INFO HERE

                                          The Wright Mommy Make Over On The Meredith Vieira Show


                                          Today on The Meredith Vieira Show three desperate daughters asked Meredith to make over their mothers. She couldn’t do anything but call celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright. For years these three mothers have been walking around with dated hairstyles and fashion. All three ladies desperately needed new hair to change their lives.

                                          The first mother Lisa, needed some vibrancy to her color as well as straightening her Dolly Parton roller set. Bringing down her side bang and added some autumn red was all she needed to change her life.


                                          Mommy number 2 Coraline, needed some extensions for fullness and length. Lighter chocolate brown highlights were the perfect touch to step up her sassy new haircut.


                                          The  3rd mother Donna, knew enough about pop culture but some how still got caught in a “hair don’t”. Kiyah applied great manageable color and layers with a few soft curls to bring back the youth to her neglected look. They were easy fixes to change her life!





                                            Lace Front Questions? Kiyah Has Answers


                                            Most people reference wigs back to their grandmothers full, part-less, absent hairline pieces. The kind that clearly add twenty to forty years on your life easily. Many woman are not comfortable with the idea of wearing wigs because they aren’t quit sure how to keep their look young while still wearing a full piece. Celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright has spent large amounts of time applying, coloring, and styling lace front wigs. She has mastered the concept of natural young lace front application and killer styling to compliment that perfect piece. We wanted to give other stylist and clients the opportunity to pick Kiyah’s brain about front lace wigs.

                                            Commonly asked questions include:

                                            Why should I wear a lace front wig, what will it do for my hair?

                                            Kiyah: “A lace front wig is like the perfect everyday hat, it protects your hair from the sun and natural damage, it also protects your hair from heat and color damage while maintaining a consistent look.”

                                            Why is it important to invest in a quality lace front wig?

                                            Kiyah: It’s best to buy 3-4 wigs to cover every season that way the wigs will last if you take care of them… and maintain them. Cheap lace front wigs thin and fall apart easily.”

                                            If you have any questions about lace front wig or application post them below or under one of our Instragram post.

                                              The Wright Wrap Up to Fashion Week


                                              The past week has been filled with jaw dropping fashion from some of our favorite designers. New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is an event fashion lovers talk about all year. The seven days are jam packed with season trends, innovation, and exceptional showmanship.  Nicholas K, BCBG, and Meskita kicked of the week with fantastic flare for the perfect introduction to an amazing fashion week.


                                              Nicholas K set the pace with a breath taking safari middle eastern story of full coverage and head wrap fashions. The color story included army and olive greens, sand dune tan, black, ivory, smokey grey and just when we were thirsty for color they threw in a splash of blue.


                                              The hair and makeup was simple but captivating. Sleek low ponytails were the perfect compliment to the bold liner hidden under crafty sunglasses. This show possessed a air of sensual seduction with little skin and lots of face.

                                              With an eleven year old brand David Tlale kept the fashion freezing a flame with his modern South African collection. On top of the amazing sequence of his show Tlale’s collection was a quintessential combination of hard tribal prints and soft silk silhouettes.

                                              SS15 DAVID TLALE 9/7/2014

                                              His designs were complimented by textured hair. Pinned middle part bobs, crimps, and waves were in full affect in this show. The perfect marriage of natural hair and artistic expression.

                                              Just when we all were going to explode from jam packed days of back to back fashion shows some of the hottest musicians came together to celebrate fashion in a star studded concert.


                                              Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj gave us a healthy serving of Booty, while Rita Ora represented the U.K. in her energy filled performance. Jennifer Hudson kept the crowd moving with here incredible vocals over her new singles. Her slim frame was fashioned with fishnet stocking, high waist shorts and thigh high boots.  Her hair was just as young and sexy as her outfit styled by Kiyah Wright.

                                              Calvin Klein ended the week with the legendary quote “less is more”. His collection included rich simple pieces in cool subtle patriotic hues of cream, ivory, royal and navy blue, metallics , and a sporadic pop of red.


                                              Klein followed the trend of sleek styles with tight low buns at the nape of every models head. This like many other complimenting looks during fashion week helped in bringing more attention to the face and the fashions frame it.

                                              Fashion week closed out with a special presentation from Art Hearts Fashion by The AIDS Health Care Foundation. Putting a little purpose behind our passion for fashion.

                                              Every season designers present new styles that become long standing trends. Along with every vision comes a hairstyle that adds the perfect finishing touches to their picturesque works of art. This spring we can plan to get our faces flawless for styles that frame our fierce miens; sleek back buns, straight tresses tucked behind the ears, and effortless loose curls are all looks we will see very soon.

                                                Get The Look: Jennifer Hudson’s Curly Pompadour Styled by Kiyah Wright

                                                Celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright is one of the top go-to celebrity stylists in the industry. Here she explains just how she created a curly pompadour for Jennifer Hudson!

                                                J Hud American Idol Tribute


                                                1. Start with freshly shampooed and conditioned tresses.

                                                2. Using a ½-inch barrel curling iron, begin creating a mass of curls all over the head from the crown to the kitchen – that is, the neck. Kiyah likes a Gold ‘N Hot curling iron to do the trick!

                                                3. Tightly pull the sides and back of hair into a twist and pin, leaving a mass of curls to fall freely at the crown. Make sure your twist is secured with bobby pins. And use plenty of hairspray to smooth the sides and hold the twist in place. Kiyah suggests the Last Look finishing hairspray by Muze Hair, which is a light, flexible spray that allows comb-ability while styling.

                                                4. Smooth edges with a Tancho wax stick.

                                                5. Fluff and tease curls at the crown.

                                                6. For the finishing touch, apply hairspray 10 inches away, all over hair to smooth flyaways and set the pompadour.

                                                Featured on


                                                  What’s Just Wright for Fall Hair Styles

                                                  As summer comes to an end you might want to switch it up and change your do! We picked a few of our favorite fantastic fun fall trends. These are all easy styles that you can dress down or dress up. With the arrival of autumn comes the time to serve face. A middle part and a tight low ponytail is a great way to glam up your look if your hairstyle is past due. If you’re looking for a little volume you can pull back your curled or waved hair in to a bun in the back of your head.


                                                  If you’re feeling fun and funky you can try a messy up-do like Chanel Iman, and for those days when you just want to be sleek and sexy flat iron your hair bone straight part it down the middle and tuck it behind your ears. This is the perfect evening look.


                                                    Spring Trends with Kiyah Wright

                                                    Move over pastels, platinum is the new rage this spring! Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist #KiyahWright shares her must-have hair color to keep you on trend this spring.

                                                    “I’m currently obsessed with platinum hair color all over! So edgy and forward. Clairol Professional’s new Classic Collection will give you the bright and vibrant tones with gorgeous shine.”


                                                      What the Hair Pros Really Use on Their Hair – More Magazine

                                                      “I cannot live without my Last Look Hairspray” – Kiyah Wright

                                                      Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 5.00.52 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.59.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.59.39 PM

                                                      Read full story here:
                                                      2014-More Magazine-What hair Pros Really use on their hair.

                                                        Kiyah Wright – Voluminous Curls

                                                        Voluminous curls can be achieved with rollers, hairspray and a little teasing!! This sizzle is just the ending of a timeless and classic style!

                                                          Muze|Inspired w/Kiyah Wright – My Passion Project

                                                          When I think about my career as a stylist, I look back and assess what would I have been if I wasn’t doing this? Often that answer still includes a creative lifestyle. I believe I would be in artist management and development… helping people take their dreams to next level and beyond.  From image making to business ideas! My recent passion project allowed me to operate in this capacity.. I’m an artist…

                                                            THE WRIGHT TIPS: 5 Products The Everyday Woman Can’t Live Without

                                                            Celebrity Makeup Artist Melanesia Hunter shares five products that every woman should not leave home without. Carry these items in your makeup bag to pull together flawless beauty effortlessly.

                                                            1. Foundation – powder is the easiest to carry with you at all times. It will give you a nice finish and complete look as well as a great starting point, hence foundation.

                                                            2. Eyebrow pencil – your eyebrows frame your face. If you leave home without them, people may wonder what’s different about you. However, if you only fill your brows in, it makes the world of difference.

                                                            3. Bronzer – gives you a nice glow and can be used in place of blush.

                                                            4. Mascara – enhance your natural eye shape and color with a little mascara.

                                                            5. Lipstick – a great lipstick will make you appear full-faced. Great color can create the perfect look for you.

                                                            CONTACT MELANESIA:

                                                            Twitter @Melanesia_
                                                            IG: @Melanesia_

                                                              THE WRIGHT TIPS: Peek-a-boo Highlights

                                                              Yoying is student from Arcadia, CA, as the school year comes to a close, Yoying is wanting a new look!

                                                              She is open to a young, fun, bold and hip look. A look that will give her that extra pow for the weekend parties!

                                                              Achieve this look by using Clairol Professional’s Soy 4Plex liquicolor. Use the darker color on the top half of your hair. Then use a 30 volume with a more intense color on the bottom, creating a peek-a-boo of highlights.

                                                              yoyoing after
                                                              IMG_0542 IMG_0538

                                                                Muze | Makeover: Kiyah Wright’s 7 min. Makeover from Resistant Gray Hair


                                                                Clairol Professional SOY4PLEX Liquicolor Permanente in 8NN:
                                                                Clairol Professional liquicolor permanente offers 6 Gray Busters NN shades. This intense formula provides excellent gray coverage on resistant gray hair and features SOY4PLEX.

                                                                2o Volume Developer

                                                                Clairol Soy4plex

                                                                  My Mantra…

                                                                  My Mantra…

                                                                    Mini Makeover with Tawana

                                                                    Mini Makeover with Tawana from the House of Chic Blog!

                                                                      One of my all-time favorite products

                                                                      One of my all-time favorite products – the Tancho Tique Stick is great for fly-aways, blending your hair with extensions or weaves and that slick ponytail look. Number one tip: only use a small amount and on dry hair!

                                                                        Wright-ism #10

                                                                        Every stylist should have hairpins in their styling kit. Its great for those quick last minute updos!

                                                                            Get the Look – Ombre Makeover, Part One! 

                                                                            Get the Look – Ombre Makeover, Part One! (by MuzeAgency)

                                                                              Ladies! Lookin for some oomph in your life? Redken’s ‘Root Lift’ is sure to give your hair the long-lasting touchable fullness it deserves and is one of my all-time favorite products.


                                                                              My tip: Section off half-inch pieces of hair, to the roots and use the product all through your hair, just before blow drying.


                                                                              Try it ladies and stylists!


                                                                                Q & A With Kiyah!

                                                                                Hi Kiyah! I’m one of your YouTube subscribers!
                                                                                I was wondering which shampoo and conditioner would be best to use because for severely damaged hair… Now that i have been using a regular "fox hills mall" flatiron at home for about a year, my hair has been breaking like crazy! I wear the clip-in hair extensions as well but i would like to get back to wearing my natural hair but its so badly damaged that i depend on the slip ins, i just wanted to know what are some products or deep conditioning treatments that can help me get back to healthy hair! Thanks! -Brittany

                                                                                A. Hey Brittany! It depends on what your maintenance and style is. I can give you general advice though. For moisturizing store brands I like Mizani, Keracare, Motions. The conditioners I love are Motions and L’OREAL – which has a deep conditioner in a jar they sell at Sally’s beauty supply store that is targeted at colored-treated, damaged hair

                                                                                  Summer Highlights – break up your hair color with an array of honey-colored tips. Fresh, fun, flirty and summer-friendly! Get it girls!

                                                                                      WRIGHT-ISM #8 – NATURAL HAIR MAINTENANCE

                                                                                      “Natural hair is my absolute favorite! It’s thicker and holds a lot more body. Be sure to use products with plenty of hydration and moisture. These types of shampoos and conditioners keep the hair feeling lustrous and shiny. My number one maintenance tip is to sleep on a satin pillow case at night. Also, to enhance that shine use a silicone based shine serum like “Simply Styling ” in the squeeze bottle. Get it girl!”

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                                                                                                    “When buying hair accessories, remember to consider texture, price point, and a good razor cut….”

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