Last Look

Flexible Hold Hairspray

Last Look Hair Spray
This flexible hold hairspray provides a lightweight yet firm hold with no sticky build up, extending the life of your hairstyle from day to night.
10 fl. oz
Price: $14.99

Last Look: Product Details

Last Look Hair Spray

Directions for use:  Right before you head out the door, turn back to the mirror and spray LAST LOOK Hairspray 10 inches from hair to get that celebrity-worthy, “LAST LOOK” before you step out to face the world. Silicone and paraben free.

Kiyah says:  “When women use  hairspray, they want their LOOK to last, while still maintaining that movable, “run your hands through it” feeling. Whenever I  want to achieve a flexible hold on my celebrity clients, whether it’s for an all day photoshoot, press junket, award show or television appearance, I opt for a lightweight, yet firm hairspray that keeps the hair structured and styled and doesn’t cause a tacky build up after repeated use. LAST LOOK provides the perfect hold for my client’s hair, taking them from day to night.”

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