A Valentine’s Day Doo You’re Sure To Love!

A twist out is a fun sexy way to maintain the integrity of your hair while keeping it touchable soft.

These easy steps will have you ready for your date and leave him drooling at the mouth.

Step 1. Start with clean fresh damp hair, section your hair into 1 inch sections and using your favorite products to add moisture and shine.

Step 2. Twist each section to the end around your fingers in a curl pattern.

Step 3. Sit under the dryer for at least 30 minutes or until your hair is completely dry. This is important for appropriate curl pattern.

Step 4. Unravel twist gently to avoid frizz or busting a wave.

Step 5. Separate twist a second time, this will add volume and fullness.

Step 6. Add your favorite oil for a beautiful sheen… and your done!

Bonus Tip! If your hair is a little dull apply a semi-permenant rise to add a healthy shine.

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