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I believe that when you “Change Your Hair, You Change Your Life.” I love to experiment with different hairstyles and colors but I also know that this can be very damaging to your natural hair. Women always come to me and ask me for solutions on how they can change their hair without comprising the integrity of it and I always suggest trying a wig, or as I like to call them Hair Accessories!!

Hair Accessories are a perfect and easy alternative to changing your hair without compromising the integrity of it. You have the flexibility to change up your look as frequently as you would like!! They are the perfect alternative to change and a great accessory to have which is why this was the perfect solution for Julissa!!

This past week, I teamed up with one of my favorite ladies, TV Host/Personality Julissa Bermudez who was on a mission to completely transform her look so I showed her how she could completely transform her look with a Muze|Hair Accessory!!

Check out Julissa’s incredible hair transformation with her newest Muze|Hair Accessory!!



Jet Black to Caramel Dark Brown Transformation


The Formula:

  • Wig Cap
  • Flat Braid Foundation
  • French Pins
  • Topstick double sided tape
  • Muze|Hair Accessory

Step 1:

Set your foundation: 



When applying a hair accessory, it is extremely important to have a flat braid foundation to keep the lace from shifting.


These braids are perfect for setting a simple Braid Foundation


Apply Wig Cap

A wig cap is great for keeping your foundation neat and for flattening your braids. It is also easier to secure your wig in place when wearing a wig cap.


Step 3:

  • Apply Your Hair Accessory!

When applying your wig be sure to pull the wig a little bit in front of your hairline. Secure the wig using French pins.

julissa-wig-application-retimage1-4-576x1024 fullsizerender-7



Tip: For a more natural looking hairline, take out about 1/2 in of your hair around your hairline.

style img_1601 jullissa-brown-hair-2


The Transformation is Complete!!


Change your hair, Change your Life

muzehairproducts-png2 gotmuzed

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Hair: Caramel Dark Blonde Hair Accessory





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