Hair Shazam! Tri-Way Ombre


This easy DIY is a video you want to see.
Before you start you will need

4 rubber bands
Aluminum foil
A color brush and mixing bowl
9aa Soy 4Plex liquid color
30 volume developer
BW2 powder
Rubber gloves

Now you’re ready for your new look!
Step 1. mix equal parts of the 9aa soy 4plex liquidcolor and 30 volume developer into your color bowl. (If you’re coloring your natural hair you can use 20 volume)

Step 2. divide your hair into 4 sections and put the sections into 4 ponytails at the base of each section.

step 3. Evenly apply the color/developer mixture to the upper section of your pony tails (3 inches in the video) then wrap the sections in foil.

Step 4. Evenly apply the BW2 bleach to the ends of your hair making sure to overlap the color/developer mixture and wrap with aluminum foil.

*** Now wait 30 minutes for it to process***

Rinse, style, and you’re cute!

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