Hottest Summer Styles !!



Summer is almost here and IT’S ALL ABOUT BRAIDS !!  Braids are a perfect protective style for the summer heat and there are so many different ways to wear them. I want to show you how to rock some of my FAVORITE STYLES !!

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Crown Braid

screenshot ciara


I love the Crown Braid Style. Ciara’s style is amazing. To get the look, I started by blow drying the hair, but left some texture on the hair. I part the hair down the center and then begin the cornrow very close to the edges. It is important to keep the cornrow thicker in size and braid to the ends. It is important to note that the hair has to be either extended with extensions because you would have to have longer hair to use the ends to wrap the hair back around to the front to give the hair that double hair layer look.

I then use my finger to frizz the cornrow to make it look fuller. The goal with this style is to create a frizzy look throughout the whole braid. Keep doing until braid is frizzy enough.

For this style you will need a lot of hair pins and bobby pins and Set with Last Look Hairspray (a light flexible hold hairspray).






I’m loving this simple Two Cornrow Braid Style. It’s a great versatile style. You can do the part any way you want and you can even get creative with sectioning the parts. You can even add synthetic hair for length. When choosing the synthetic hair to use be sure to get synthetic hair that is the same color as the ends of the hair. If you want to add highlights be sure to get the best blend. When choosing the colors, be sure to get colors that blend well together and get your hair base color as one of the colors/

For the ends use clear bands or if you use synthetic hair, dip the ends in boiling hot water for 4 seconds. This will seal the ends so hair won’t unravel.

Materials you will need to get this style are Clear Bands, Synthetic Hair and some Brown Pro Style Gel




screenshot box braids screentshot box braids

For Box Braids you have to be a braider with patience. This style take around 4-7 hours depending on how small they are. This style is all about the parts. I always like triangle part sections, that are about the size of a dime. For this style you should braid to the ends and when finished with the whole head, seal the ends by dipping in boiling hot water, then style.

For box braids you usually use:

6 packs of hair

Oil to maintain the look




Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 9.47.47 PM


For this style you take two square sections in the front of each side of the head and create a French braid starting at the front of each section. You then loosely create a French braid down the center of the back of the head, one on the right and one on the left. Then use your finger to spread open each braid to give a more softer hair texture. You should then spray to set the hair and connect each braid with bobby pins and use a decorative tie at the ends or braid into the hair with a decorative string.

To create the look you will need:

Light Hairspray (Last Look Hairspray by Kiyah Wright)

Hair Pins




screenshot double top knot



To create this look, Blow Dry and Flat Iron the hair for softness. You can also leave hair textured, if you want.


Start by braiding the hair in an upward direction until you reach the top of your hair on each side. Tie a band at the base of the end of the braids to secure the hair from unraveling. You can then French braid the front of each section to create the soft loose texture in each braid with top knot at the top. Use a light hairspray and softly put hair in a circle placement around the arched knot and pin hair in place for security.


Materials Needed:


Hair Pins

Clear Knot Bands




Be in the Know.