Make more money! Perfect Your Weaves, Increase Your Income

Kiyah Wright travels the country in hopes of perfecting weaves and increasing incomes. Stylist sign up for an extensive, hands on, intense learning experience. During the class Wright breaks down the perfect weave step by step, but you better get it right the first time because ” Boot Camp Betty”  will have you “take it down”. Many of the students come to the class confident in their braiding patterns and weaving techniques, but once they are introduced to all the secrets of a quality weave they soon find out they have a lot to fix. With the explosion of quick weaves and fast corner cutting, everyone is trying to achieve the best weave in the shortest amount time. What many stylist fail to understand is cutting quality to decrease time cheats your customer and will discourage them from coming back. Your end result will be less money and a bad reputation.

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Kiyah giving tips on starting the braiding pattern

Kiyah giving pointers

Kiyah’s biggest points of the class are to:

  1. Learn how to create a flawless weave using her three proven techniques
  2. Crack the hair code – how to determine if the hair you are using is quality
  3. Discover how to become a celebrity stylist and how to bring the Hollywood look home to your client

Each class learns two to three ways to instal a weave. Last Sundays participants learned how to do a side part and a middle part. She also gave them tips on how to determine which part is appropriate for their client. Once they geared up they were warned about rushing and messy work. This day was not the day to be in a race because everyone was expected to reach perfection if not close to it. Many students became frustrated and some even wanted to give up but at end of the 12 hour day the weaves were complete. All of the stylist walked away with valuable knowledge and a new willingness to recreate a perfect weave for all of their clients.



They made it through the class!


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