This Is Why We Rock!

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On the heels of Black and Women’s History month it is the perfect time to let America know why Black Girls Rock. On Easter Sunday Black Girls Rock will air on BET to shed light on all the glorious magnificent women in the black community. From humanitarians, to film makers, to musicians all of this years best will be acknowledged. The nights celebrants include Nadia Lopez a change agent who leads Brooklyn’s Mott Hall Bridges Academy as the acting principle in a city where black youth need a great leader. Dr. Helene D. Gayle will be recognized as a social humanitarian for her work to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. If anyone is a rock star it is definitely Ms. Badu! BET celebrates Erykah Badu for her unforgettable hits and her rock star talent. Badu came out in 1997 and change the world of music. Jada Pinkette Smith is known for her many roles and social causes pushing to uplift young girls. BET is celebrating her for her star power.

In the Black community there are certain names you hear that automatically make you think legend, and Cicely Tyson is one of those people. Starting her career in modeling she accumulated over 50 years of experience in acting. That is why she is be celebrated as a living legend. Last but certainly not least Ava Durvernay, a film maker whose career catapulted after the world was introduced to Selma. From a journalist to a publisist to a film maker BET is honoring Durvernay for being a shot caller.

You know it isn’t a celebration without great performances and oh boy! Will there be great performances. Ciara, Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Fantasia, Shelia E. and yes Ms. Badu are just a few of the great perfumers we should expect to see Sunday at 8pm on BET.

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