TyTy A.K.A. Tyra Banks A.K.A Someone We Admire

The 2015 Daytime Emmy’s aired last night on POP TV hosted by none other then Tyra Banks. This was the perfect stage to show off her new crop chopped, colored, and styled by Kiyah Wright.


Ms. Banks has accomplished an array of things in her lifetime and hosting an annual show like the Emmy’s was no surprise.



History making super model moves, gave her enough credibility to executive produce a reality show following a great competition of unique models, hand picked by Tyra herself.  This show has so much seniority it has literally raised young girls on its 21 season; we can say Tyra has struck a reality TV gold mine. Once she settled into her success of America’s Next Top Model she decided to host her own day time TV show, once again cha- ching! JACKPOT. This show helped Kiyah Wright earn two Emmy’s with more to come. Just when you couldn’t get enough of TyTy she announcing a makeup line “Tyra” Beauty sold through HSN and of course her website Tyra.com.



As a CEO and Super Model Tyra Banks has inspired many girls, young women, women of all ages, but most importantly Kiyah Wright.

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