Vibe Magazine Gave Us A New Spin On Vixen

Vibe Magazine decided to highlight Kiyah Wrights career in their Vixen Summer Series. In this article Wright answers some questions you might want to know the answers to.


At just 14, Kiyah Wright knew her destiny rested in her own hands, literally.

With a knack for a hot comb and celebrating the beauty of women, it wasn’t long before Wright was ditching high school in exchange for beauty school to give gals the Wright look. Now, with nearly two decades of groundbreaking achievements under her belt ranging from a star studded clientele list to credits in Vogue and Vanity Fair, and testing the waters of reality TV on OWN’s Love In The City, Kiyah is setting out to achieve her life long dream. “I want to be the voice and the brand of textured hair,” she tells Vixen.

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