Vibrant Reds with The Wright Way!

Hair Color Inspiration with Kiyah Wright


I teamed up with Beauty and Style Influencer Kish Burries because she wanted to transform her beautiful natural hair by adding some color !! She wanted to pick a color that matched her vibrant personality and fun style, so I suggested that she go BIG with a BOLD RED from Clairol Professionals Textures & Tones Collection.



If you have colored your hair in the past 3-6 months, you should pre-lighten your hair to ensure color vibrancy.


Kish wanted a vibrant color and ended up choosing Clairol Professional’s 5RR Fire Red !!

Clairol’s Textures & Tones is perfect for the every day woman and easy to apply at home. All you need to do is:

Be sure when you apply you:

  1. Wear gloves.
  2. Pour color into the applicator bottle and then remove the tip.
  3. Place gloved finger over the applicator tip and shake until liquid is thick and color is uniform.
  4. Separate hair into sections.
  5. Apply color starting 1/2 inch away from scalp down to ends.
  6. Repeat on remaining sections.
  7. Let hair process for 10-15 minutes.*
  8. Rinse, then shampoo and condition your hair.
  9. Follow up by using Clairol Professional iThrive Keratin Rescue Split End Repair Creme and iThrive Keratin Rescue Conditioner to moisturize the hair and prep it for styling.
  10. Use a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer to dry the hair. (This keeps your curls defined and allows them to “clump.”)
  11. Use a pick or wide-tooth comb to lift and add volume.

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